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As curator of the Los Angeles Film Festival Costume Design Program, Sophie de Rakoff has to date brought two years of programming, specifically aimed at bringing informative, educational and inspirational conversation about costume design, to the festival.

2013: The Iconic Moment

In conjunction with The Academy, The Iconic Moment was a multi platform evening to celebrate the inaugural year of the LA Film festival’s Costume design Program and also the Academy’s new Costume design Branch. Sophie brought together designers Michael Kaplan (Blade Runner, Flashdance, Star Trek) Jeffrey Kurland (Inception, Erin Brokovitch) and Ellen Mirojnik (Wall Street, Fatal Attraction, Behind The Candelabra) to discuss the “Iconic Moment” when a costume becomes so well loved that it earns a place in popular culture. Laura Dern moderated. The evening also included a one-night only exhibit of Photographer Alex Prager’s stills from her shorts films Despair and La Petite Mort. Despair was also screened as the introduction to the main feature screening of Hitchcock’s vertigo.

2014: Costume Creates Character

Presented as part of the Master Class, costume designs character brought together 2 times Oscar nominated costume designer Arianne Philips with director James Mangold. Elvis Mitchell moderated a conversation between the 2 visionaries that discussed their (to date) 5 movie creative collaboration. Rare footage from the Walk the Line hair, make up and wardrobe test supported the conversation; as did iconic costumes displayed on the stage and original fitting polaroids.

2015: The Role Of The Muse

The 2015 Costume Design Program will bring together a high profile costume designer and the actor that has been an ongoing muse in a career changing collaborative relationship.